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Cars HotSurf is the car finder software tool

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  • We are happy to inform you about the soon release of a new version of the Cars HotSurf

We are happy to inform you about the soon release of a new version of the Cars HotSurf

We are happy to inform you about the soon release of a new version of the Cars HotSurf.

Cars HotSurf

This new version of the program will be the last free beta version, in which a number of significant changes and additions will be made:

Car search improvements.

Global search for all car sales websites. This feature allows you searching through all supported sites with only one search request and relieves you of creation of identical search requests for each site separately.

Searching of cars without having to enter the make and model. Now you must constantly, in each search request, specify the make and model of the vehicle, whereas the new version of the program will be rid of this weakness. Therefore, you will need to set, for example, only the price and year of production, and the program will search for all vehicle makes and models, which meet these requirements.

Improved searching with consideration for your geographic location. If a vehicle ad contains the address of a seller, then we use the geographic data to accurately determine whether the ad falls under your specified radius of the search.

Data export and import capability.

The export & import of the search requests will enable you to save previously created search requests to a single, storage file, and then, when necessary, import them back into the program.

The export of the car offers will allow you to save found cars to a CSV-format file.

4 other car sales websites added to expand the search.

Technical support improvement.

Automatic notification to the Cars HotSurfs tech support about search-related problems. At present, when the program ceases to search properly, our clients themselves inform our technical support service about this problem. It is rather inconvenient, as it distracts our clients from their affairs and significantly reduces the speed of the problem solution. Therefore, in its new version, the program will automatically send us information about search problems, without direct participation of the client.

Notification of the users of program updates.As soon as our technical support service updates data necessary for searching vehicles, you will be immediately prompted for restart of the program to let these upgrades to take effect.

User experience improvement.

Grid to displaying the list of found car sales offers allows you to see more data on the screen.

Improvements to the main program menu. We have placed there important functions, for example editing or creating search requests, which makes the program easy to work with.

Program setting wizard helps you to quickly configure the program.