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Cars HotSurf is the car finder software tool

Our team

Our mission:

To provide our customers with a competitive edge in their search for most profitable offers in the car markets. We give you an opportunity to earn more!

Who are we?

Our team was formed in 2002. Now we have a small but already successful team of professionals who work remotely in different parts of the world.

During the whole time of our work we have gained a lot of experience in the car search automation. As a result we have developed and released three versions of the program for Getty Car Finder:

The latest version of Getty 3 Car Finder has been released in the public domain for car traders since 2005. Now we do not support this product since it is technically outdated.

We have developed a new Cars HotSurf software product instead of Getty 3 program:

The new Cars HotSurf software product was developed completely from scratch and it includes the best technologies that we used in Getty 3.