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Cars HotSurf is the car finder software tool


Together with our customers we are constantly developing and improving Cars HotSurf.

For this we share with you information and our plans for future program versions.

Updated 18.12.2015
Version Program features State
1.2.0 Final beta. Date: early 2016
Will be added new features:
  • Global search for all car sales websites.
  • Mobile agent for Android.
  • Searching of cars without having to enter the make and model.
  • Improved searching with consideration for your geographic location.
  • Export and import of search requests.
  • Export of car offers.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes in the program.
in progress
1.3.0 Next release. Date: will be finalized after version 1.2.0 release.
Will be added new features:
  • Mobile agent for iOS.
  • Fixed bugs found in previous versions.